Songs about making the wrong choice?

I had the chance to be with this awesome guy but decided to go back to my ex instead. Im still with the ex right now but I really wish I would have took the chance to be with the new guy when I had it.

Anyone know songs similar to this situation?
Other than Thinking of You by Katy Perry, and Lips of an Angel


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  • I'll never understand these kind of decisions - may I ask what made you palm off the awesome guy for your ex who was probably an ex for a reason?

    Not sure on songs though, sorry!

    • I don't know. At the time I was completely head over heels in love with my ex still

    • Ah well I'm sorry it turned out this way. It sounds like you don't really feel everything for the ex you're still with now though.. hope you come up with something to sort your situation out. :)

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  • Well, you could always fix it. You choose not to.

    How about "Someone Like You" by TrustCompany

    • He's in a relationship now.

    • You could always tell him how you feel, and that you messed up

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  • Tom Odell - Another love
    Are you searching sad songs or?