Will my raging temper problems be a gigantic deal breaker for women?

I ask because I have a very short temper. What caused me to be this way was all of the abuse that I've went through in my childhood and teenhood years. I was abused by my father(physically, verbally and sexually) while my mother neglected me until I was taken by foster parents. Then as I started getting into middle school and high school, I'd get into a lot of fights and even got expelled from one school district. In fact, I can recall my reasons for getting into one of my fights. One was because I was sexually violated by another guy who would constantly touch my man bits in front of all the boys and girls, scorning me for it. I ended up giving the guy a very badly swollen eye, a few missing teeth, a huge cut on his left cheek and a slightly crooked nose, thus sending him to the hospital afterwards.

I really hate it when any person touches me down there. I'll get angry even if it's a girl who's touching me down there(especially since men are expected to feel flattered when a girl is touching a man down there). When a person even dares to try it, I usually end up wanting to punch a hole through a person's face and crush their abdomens(with my arms or my legs) very hard until I squeeze their intestines out.

I'm sorry if I sound scary to you ladies but just please understand where I come from because I was a child abuse(of all sorts, especially sexual abuse) and bully victim. That doesn't mean I'll be unfriendly to every person. I'm friendly to people who treat me with courtesy and respect and can empathize where I come from. Men, you can answer this too to share your experience if you can relate to me. If any of you one to proceed to scold me or mock for me, go for it. I won't say anything as you are only speaking your true mind.
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Will my raging temper problems be a gigantic deal breaker for women?
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