He keeps asking me out but won't kiss me! INSIGHT PLEASE!

OK, so I went out with this guy on Tuesday. We went to dinner, he paid, opens doors for me, etc. We go back to his place to watch TV and he asks me what I'm doing on Sunday and I told him nothing because I didn't have to work that day. Then a few minutes later he asks me what I'm doing on Wednesday, the next night, and I told him I was busy 'til 9, and we hung out when I was done with my prior obligation. Then we also hung out on Sat., as well as Sun.

He keeps asking me out but won't kiss me! Last night he finally touched me, we cuddled.

I'd like to think he likes me but I don't know. Guys I have known in the past always made a move rather quickly. I LOVE that he keeps asking me out and isn't doing anything sexual but I'd love for him to show interest and kiss me. I don't know if I'm turning into 'just a friend' or if he's just feeling me out because he's interested but hesitant. OH, and we talk everyday. 15-20 min. on the phone a couple of days and we text everyday...Usually he initiates because I don't want to come on too strong and I just want to go with the flow and not make him feel like he's pressured. I just want to know!

A little insight is appreciated.


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  • It sounds as if he is insecure about making the first move and not entirely sure about whether or not you will reciprocate his advancement. What's stopping you from kissing him? I doubt he's not thinking about it constantly. I realize, like you said, you don't want to come on too strong, but sometimes it takes a little push to give him the confidence he’s lacking.

    MY opinion, not yours.


    • He did say he was shy. Today I was at his place and I met another one of his friends & we all hung out for a little while & then I said I was going to leave & he walked me to my car & then he said he wanted me to meet his other friend who was coming over in about 10 min. So I stayed & met him & we all sat around talking & laughing and then when I really leave he says he wants to hang again. All signs says he likes me but I guess I'm too scared to make the first move, never had to do that before!

    • Next time you're hanging out alone watching a movie and cuddling make eye contact and just do it before your brain can stop you. I used to be shy and that is how I forced myself to branch out. I acted on impulse before my brain could stop me. I said and did allot of stupid things but the end result is thinking before acting yet still following threw with my intentions.

  • I'd say he's shy like me.. and would be afraid of rejection or "the head turn" if he tried... or whatever... so yeah..

    I agree with InguisitiveMale though. He seems pretty spot on.


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