Do players end up alone and lonely at the end?

I don't know whats wrong me I can't stay loyal even when there was love. I decide to play around until late 30 and then settle down and start a family but heard it a lot that players will end up alone. Is it true?

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  • You're less likely to end up alone than a shy virgin. You have no problem getting a girls to fall for you and want you. Thats the hardest part for most people. Despite what the poll says, girls fall for guys like you all the time. The problem is on your side of the fence so you've got a good ammount of control over the situation.

    You need to find out what it is that makes you stray and then work on fixing it. Or you could try to find a girl who is ok with an "open relationship". So it's within your control, you're not doomed to be alone.

    • you do realize players tend keep a girl for mostly 3-4 weeks
      then they break up

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    • let me clarify this for your brain to comprehend I... AM... DONE... WITH... THIS... KAY?

    • @SatoMori
      you're not very nice :(

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What Girls Said 9

  • If you keep disrespecting people you will more than likely end up alone.

    Late thirties, leaving it kinda late huh? Or you planning on marrying and having babies the moment you meet?

    • I don't disrespecting girls just love my SO and lie to others to get laid. I don't like to have babies but its the way how family works so I will do it for my future wife.

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    • That makes me the person who i am.

    • So are you a person with low self esteem? Are you weak willed?

  • I wish they would end up alone. That would be the fate they deserve, no?

    But unfortunately, there are always people dumb enough to "take" them. I just hope they get hurt the same way later, the way they have hurt so many people before.

    • But I don't want a dump at the end want a nice and sweet girl.

    • then you have to do what you want people to do with you: be nice and sweet. Stop being a player. Karma is a bitch.

  • In my personal experience with seeing my older brother, he's 38 years old and is alone, yes. If you don't change your attitude towards every girl you meet, there is that high chance of being alone for the rest of your life.

  • Even players find. The one i belive that true love is always found and that will help the person change for the better its not only love needed for you to change its trust understanding and patience ! A girl out there will help you forget all the rest unless you already found her and lost her then your assed out !

  • I certainly would be put off a former player. It's not the kind of person I would want to settle down with. Not sure if they all end up alone, but I know many many girls who would be put off by their reputation if they suddenly decided they wanted to settle down

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What Guys Said 6

  • I think that is what happens - Players find it very hard to settle down and playing is a young mans game and you just become a lonely old lounge lizard.

  • No they end up happy because they get the girl no matter what.

    • I want to get the one how I love when ready to settle down the one who deserves my love.

    • People who disliked know it's true. Girls want the Ayer that can get any girl not the guy who will give you anything. I know this from experience.

  • Lol, look at how many bitter women voted yes. Butthurt much?

  • only if they are broke...

  • Yeah they mostly do

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