Two girls that are best friends both like me, how do I handle this?

So there's this girl i matched with on tinder and talked to for a couple days. The other day her friend was on her phone snapchatting me saying i was really hot and flirting with me. Then the three of us hungout and they were both flirting with me. We all went to a party last night too and same thing, except their styles are very different. The girl im "talking" to shyly stares at me and smiles kinda and is less forward while her friend laughs VERY loudly at evrerything i say and touches me playfully. From talking to both of them i have to say that i feel id be more compatible with the friend and am also more attracted to her. But i feel like thats really bogus if i were to pursue her when it seems im kind of expected to be persueing the girl i had been talking to. And to make matters worse last night the friend had to go home and while me and the girl im "talking" to were still out, we were really drunk and made out. So now i feel even more of an obligation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and also specifically if anyone knows how obligated i am at this point and if its even possible to make that switch without losing them both or ruining their friendship. I have also thought of somehow bringing up a 3 way, lemme know if you think thats a good idea or not


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  • threesome?

    • is that the best move you think? and how do i go about doing that?

    • pull your dick out and tell them both to suck it :)

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  • go with the girl you're talking to. the friend won't feel s bad once she finds out you guys were already talking. if you go with the friend then the other girl will be pissed and you could lose them both since you already made out with her. going for a 3some is a dangerous game you shouldn't play until youve already secured one of them chose fast or lose them both.;


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