Deep lingering eye contact?

Do you guys and gals think that you can have deep lingering eye contact with just anyone?

What at does it mean to you guys when you are alone with a girl and constantly give deep eyecontact that last for ages?

First i I foun it weird that he does this now I'm more comftable with it and able to make that long eye contact back.


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  • I generally only do it with girls I like or that I am actually with.

    • He does it with me and I never used to do it back and he'd ask me why?

      The other day after we had been intimate not sex but other stuff we were talking before I left and we just stared into each other's eyes for what felt like an abnormally long time first time I done it didn't feel weird he didn't break it but said to me what? What you looking at? I said your face and he said is it beautiful? Lol he didn't break the eye contact I laughed

      I don't know of he feels something we both hide it cuz I know I never done that with anyone

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    • Sorry I know that was a lot to read lol

      So what's your opinion on that haha

      Thanks :)

    • hmm not sure.

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