Prolonged Eye Contact... Is it always a sign of interest?

I saw this girl today who dumped me and put me in friendzone. I walked away from her, after expressing that i had no interest in just friendship with her, but left the door for her to contact me if she ever changed her mind. It's been 3 weeks since then without contact, and today, when i saw her at work, she kept eye contact with me when she said good bye and walked past me. She didn't break it until it was physically impossible to keep it. It was blatant, and prolonged. Now i'm still learning the art of attraction and seduction, but from what i read and learned so far, is that prolonged eye contact is usually a sign of attraction/interest. And this was done so blatantly that it was almost like she was trying to catch my attention. And i swear i saw her smile too, though that part i'm not sure of.

Of course, I played it cool and acted like it meant nothing. After all, SHE dumped ME. If she wanted me back, she has to work for it.

But i'm still curious about all of this. It's a learning curve that will help me out in future encounters with the women I meet and end up dating.

So my question is this... Is prolonged eye contact with the opposite sex ALWAYS a sign of interest? Especially when it is as blatant and purposeful as what I experienced today?
Prolonged Eye Contact... Is it always a sign of interest?
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