How to forget a girl who friend zoned me?

A girl I went out with a year ago for a few weeks friendzoned me shortly after or prom; how do i forget about her? Should i just ignore her existence, tell her that I still like her, or just be friends with her?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If you want to keep her in your life and think she could be an awesome friend stay friends. If not, cut her loose.

    How do you know your friendzoned?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Why should you? Girls in long relationships always say things like "At first I wasn't even attracted". That means things change gradually.

    • If you. had self respect wouldn't you look else were tho? Because like friend zone means you are not good enough for her right?

    • she friend zoned cuz it was impractical at the time (bad timing), i was thinking about doing the same thing

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What Girls Said 2

  • Being her friend wouldn't help, you can either ignore her or go talk to her and tell her about your feelings

  • If her friendship means a lot to you then just be friends, but if you just like her in the other sense then cut her out and move on


What Guys Said 2

  • Tell her " I understand you don't share my feelings, but you get something i really don't care about - friendship - while i get nothing and have to watch you date and fuck another guy. This is why it is best we should never see each other - ever - again"

    And then walk out and never looked back.
    This is what happened with this super smart, super hot girl i liked.
    She just wasn't into me, she loved some muslim guy and moved to Saudi Arabia with him.

    Oh well

  • So like you want to bang this chick and you do nice things for her and she dosnt Want to have sex with you. Is that friend zone?


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