Am I too messed up to have a relationship?

Seriously, maybe that's my problem. I'm depressed, angry, insecure, arrogant, impulsive (as in I can hurt myself on an impulse), frequently suicidal, misanthropic, and go through different emotional extremes on a whim, and, on top of all of this when I'm not these things I'm emotionally flat. Maybe I'm just too screwed up to have a girlfriend. I was diagnosed with depression, but, by now, I don't even know if these issues stem from that or something else. Also, screw the iPad, seriously.


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  • I think it's common for people with depression to be more aware of themselves and the impact they have on people around them. Once you're aware of something it's hard to not keep noticing it, and it's almost impossible not to worry about how it looks to someone else. Usually though, they don't even realise.
    What I'm trying to say is it's great that you see your own faults (a lot of people aren't able to pinpoint this stuff), but don't despair over them and let them further darken your outlook on life.
    The right girl will love you all the same, and try her best to help you.


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  • That's a major mental condition happening with you man...
    You have to seek help from a real person...
    The right meds will give you some peace and a sense of normalcy, maybe for the first time in along while...

    At any rate, don't hurt yourself, talk to someone asap and know that there are treatments that will give you a "normal" life... You can be happy and fulfilled.


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  • Honey, no one deserves not to have love. Look at serial killers who got married during their prison sentence.

  • You need to work on yourself first.

  • Yes you are. You won't be a joy to be with. I'll get depressed too.


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  • You're not messed up. You just haven't found a like-minded person. You should work on your negativity though. Nobody like to hang around with negative nellies, it's contagious. You should at least try to incorporate a positive mindset into your life. It'll work wonders, honestly. I know how hard it is to do that with depression but no one said it was easy


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