Why am I so afraid to swallow my pride and text him?

He hasn't text me since I've been on vacation and I don't know if he has last interest, is trying to give me space, is busy, or took my saying I had been single for years and knew how to do me wrong... I want to text him, but that means I give him power... why is it so hard to be vulnerable and show that I care?


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  • How often do you text one another?

    • Usually every day, but ever since I mentioned I had been single for 3 years Friday night (which he may have fallen asleep), he hasn't messaged me. This is the first time he has gone silent and I don't know why...

    • it is a little strange that he stopped texting after that, but still it's no reason for u to not text him again and u should not feel ashamed to ever text him first (that goes for everyone). Giving power thing is stupid!

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  • it's not bad 2 think dat way actually ;)

  • guys love it when a girl texts them first. I don't consider it a power thing, more of a mutual interest thing. it shouldn't be the guy initiating things 100% of the time. He'd probably love to receive a text from you :)


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