Picking up a girl for a first date from her parents house. Should I meet them?

She's 24 and lives with her parents, so for the first date she said I should meet he at her house but her parents will be home and will probably want to speak to me. I will go to the door to get her obviously. Its our first time meeting. Im not too eager to speak to them, what do you think they will ask?


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  • It is honestly a just a risk factor. Meeting the parents is always a very hard moment early in the dating process and some parents are more insistant on it than others.
    your best bet is to do everything right from the get go.

    Go to the door/dont stay in the car and honk
    tell her she looks wonderful and a make a little smalltalk/ dont try to rush her away
    all the stuff you learned in highschool

    ultimatly unless she drives herself to your date spots it is always possible that at least one of her parents will take an intrests in forming thier own opinion of who you are

    • So I should meet them?

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    • She doesn't see a problem in me meeting them, she lives with them

    • Then what I said stands. Be polite and be yourself if they want to meet you. Meeting the parents isn't always a big deal to some people and at 24 her parents should hopefully respect her dating choices by now

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  • If she's 24, she probably doesn't have her parents breathing down her neck about 'who's that nice boy you're dating?'. At this point, they'll probably be stepping back and letting her make her own choices, so they might not want to ask you too many questions. If they answer the door, you should speak to them (obviously) respectfully like 'Hello, sir/ma'am' but you probably shouldn't purposefully ask to speak to them. Meeting the parents isn't usually something you do until it gets more serious.

    • She doesn't see a problem in me meeting them, she lives with them, i will feel rude just picking her up

    • Don't feel rude about it, most people wouldn't have any contact with the parents until later on in the relationship, so even if you just picked her up it's not unusual.

  • isn't that too fast for the first date? you can pick her up but instead of you knocking on the door, she can just go out. If im the girl, i wouldn't actually want you to meet my parents on the first date.


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