How to not get sucked into his charm and not fall for my ex again? And also why is he doing this?

My ex and I have a history. We were really close friends, but then as we grew up we started liking each other, and he asked me out and we decided to try the dating thing. That was a mistake; I guess we were better off as friends. We both felt that way, and our relationship didn't even last a month. 2 months ago, we broke up, and since we broke up we'd gone back to being good friends. He's kept his distance, didn't try to hold my hand or anything but we still kinda flirted and we still hugged each other goodbye, just like we used to before we started dating. This was normal for us because we had always kinda had a flirty friendship, if that makes any sense. He got a new girlfriend, but that didn't affect our friendship because we were so close I guess, although there were times when things got awkward when others asked about his girlfriend when I was there. I remained single. Then, a few weeks ago he and his girlfriend broke up. I didn't get a chance to see him after that, until a few days ago. We were invited to the same party, and he started acting differently to me. He held my hand when we were watching a movie at the party, but I let go gently. He wanted me to cuddle with him but I casually told him no. He wanted me to sit on his lap, and I did (we always did that even when we were friends) but then got up quickly when things were getting a little too close, and started dancing as an excuse to get up. Then he gave up i guess, and didn't try to make a move on me after that. At the end of the party when we were saying goodbye he acting completely normal as if he hadn't tried to do anything to me. Why is he acting like this? And honestly, I think I'm falling for him again, but I don't want to. It was so hard rejecting him, even through my little actions. We are better as friends. Am I doing the right thing?
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there was no alchohol at this party, by the way
How to not get sucked into his charm and not fall for my ex again? And also why is he doing this?
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