Am I wrong For looking at her Snapchat?

So earlier this month I screwed with a girl and she told me to never contact her again. I looked at her snapchat. I know she knows that I looked at it because snapchat tells you who views your snaps.

This isn't bad is it?

I guess what I mean bad is does this look weird?


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  • Its not wrong to do that, if she had a problem with it she'd unfriend or block you.

    • I guess I shouldn't say wrong, but weird? I know she hasn't blocked me because she isn't petty like that.

    • Nah, I wouldn't think its weird, I'd think your clearing your snapchat story page or you're just curious.

    • Well I kind of wasn't :/ Like I said I never really used to look at her snaps before but once this happened I started to...

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  • I mean of all your doingbis looking whats the harm you didn't contact her I don't feel your wrong

    • Not wrong because I technically didn't contact her but is it weird? I mean if you a guy kind of messed up with you, you told him you'd appreciate it if he didn't contact you anymore and then he started to look at your snaps (unlike before) you wouldn't feel any way towards him? like creeped out or annoyed, may be even pissed?

    • Not really I'd just keep ignoring you

  • She likely isn't thrilled with that but, who cares. She'll just continue to ignore you.


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  • I doubt she'll come over to your house and kill you because she saw 'danman123456 looked at your snap'. She probably doesn't snap that easily.

    • I'm not worried about anything extreme lol. I'm just wondering if I look a little nuts or weird for looking at it...

    • Well if you're planning to do it every night she may think that you're stalking her. She can't do anything about it but if she was really done with you she won't take it well, I suppose.

  • Well she is prob. Creeped out about it, but on ur end 😀rock on