Guy friend put his head on my shoulder. Does it mean anything?

Long story short, I've known this guy for a couple of months and I'm not that close with him. He's just tagged along at some of the events and I met him through a mutual friend. Anyway, it was my birthday celebration last week and a group of friends (we were maybe 15 people) and I went to a bar, including the guy.

The guy spent a lot of money on buying food for everyone and bought me shots several times.

A couple of hours later, we decided (a group of five people or so and him included) to go to have some late night food. My girl friend went to the toilet suddenly and the minute she left, the guy put his head on my shoulder, resting it there for a long time. When the girl came back, he lifted his head again as if nothing happened.

Does it mean anything that he put his head on my shoulder? And why did he do it when the only girl in the group left?


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  • He likes you, and probably (I don't know for sure) the reason he lifted his head was because it could've been his ex girlfriend or something. My boyfriend (before we started dating) would lay his head on me and I didn't think anything of it at the time, because I had a crush on his best friend at the time... It was because of that I knew for a fact that he liked me. And before I knew it we were dating and we've been dating for 7 months now. So I'd text him or call him and ask to go out to dinner sometime so y'all can get some time alone


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  • was he drunk as well?
    it might mean he likes u maybe? or maybe he believes this other gal liked him, and he didn't want her 2 feel hurt, so when she went 2 da toilet, it was his only chance?

    • he wasn't drunk as he was driving

    • I see... so maybe it's y he thought this gal liked him... can't see y else

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  • It doesn't mean anything. I put my head on my male friend's shoulders too and i don't want him to date with me.