Why do no girls like me?

It's something that's been bothering me lately. All the girls I try to get close to don't seem interested. Is it my looks? or My personality? I've tried talking to average and good looking girls and none seem like they like me. I think I'm a cool guy that can get along with other people and i'm also very fun to be with (based on what my friends have told me). I'm starting to think I'm that guy from every group that can't get any girls smh


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  • I don't think it's your looks but maybe your attitude? Girls don't like it when guys appear too desperate but guys don't seem to like me either so maybe I'm the wrong person to answer this..

    • Your a female you can look like a turd lol and guys will still approach.

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    • oh god another person on this website pitying themselves.. you are not the only single person on this planet, and like I've already said it's usually more to do with the attitude and probably standards set too high if you can't get a woman.. think about it.. @touglyforfemales

    • When you get ignored by the opposite sex you'd be pitying yourself to but I doubt men
      reject or ignore you. I've been rejected by ugly women. Women want the bad boy
      type they can change because its a challenge.

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  • Stop thinking about girls, don't get obsessed about dating one, but just focus on having fun with your friends, or wherever you are. If the girls see you looking around at every girl and trying to make eye contact with everyone of them, they'll think you're desperate, and that's probably the biggest turn off.
    Maybe your approach is what's failing. You have to come in with confidence and showing your intentions.


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  • Women are shallow, superficial and picky. And to all you women and girls
    saying No that's not true answer me this, When was the last time you
    gave a fat guy your number a real one and not a fake? Or said hello
    to an average, ugly or below average looking guy?

    • Damn bruh, there's so much hate in you...

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    • I don't know, I just sense a lot of hate on your comment. I do agree many of the things said here are total crap to make others feel good, but there's no need to take it so seriously.

    • @Dtegesd123 Well I must be extremely ugly since I have no female friends.
      @AleDeEurope maybe it was my tone.

  • You look attractive maybe it's because you like pink floyd

    • I don't see why my music taste can turn off some girls. That means that they are picky haha

  • It must be something about your personality or presence, cause you look fine. Post a video maybe.


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