My boyfriend keeps dropping hints about moving in together?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for three months now but we have been good friends for almost 7 months before dating. We are pretty young at 19 years old and today something had been brought to my attention that's making me think about it a bit more than usual. The reason is because this is the second time my boyfriend has mentioned ideas about moving in together. The first time was about a month ago when we were driving downtown and he pointed to an apartment complex and said "that would be a good place." I asked "for what?" And he said "for us to move in together." I didn't really say anything I just sort of said "yeah it's cute". That evening when he was driving me home he said "I know you think you're going to be broke while going to school (I'll be starting post secondary this fall) but when two people share rent it's really not that bad." Today he told me how his friend and his girlfriend are getting a place together at a really decent rent price for the place they're moving to. I asked him how long they've been dating and he said "not much longer than us". The problem is, I'm not sure if he IS hinting and what his intentions or ideas are concerning us living together. I know I should probably ask him if I really want to know but I don't want to jump the gun if he isn't actually hinting it and freak him out or something. Is he telling me he's ready to live together already? Because for me I'm not exactly sure how I feel about moving in together right now for a few reasons, one being I really don't know how well we will coexist for a long period of time. The longest amount of time we have spent together is 24 hours. In 2 weeks we will be going on vacation for 5 days, so maybe I will use that time as sort of a test to see how well we can spend that much time together. The second reason is my dad wouldn't be happy at all to hear any ideas about me moving in with my boyfriend (for no specific reason, my dad's just extremely over protective). And the third reason is I really don't know how I would balance paying rent and going to school at the same time, unless I can get more student loans for it.
What I want to hear from you guys is, do you think he is hinting, and how many of you think it's too early (even in a couple months from now) to move in together? I know I should really just talk to him and I probably will but just looking for some insight. Thanks everyone!
My boyfriend keeps dropping hints about moving in together?
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