My crush thinks he'a not good enough for me?

I have a crush on him for ages without him knowing. I finally have a gut to ask him out for dinner and we've been dating for several months. I've always been wondering why he doesn't ask me to be his girlfriend yet. Yesterday, he suddenly hugs me very tight and told me "Please stay with me. Please never leave me for someone else" then broke into tears and started crying like crazy saying "I'm not good enough. You're too good for me". This is the first time I see him acting this weak. I said nothing and wipe his tears. But what the actual fuck? He's fucking hot I have a crush on him since forever now he thinks he's not good enough like @$;@:$*}^£] What can I do now? He keeps thinking I'm just fooling around and I have lots of better options but I don't I only like him...


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  • He's weak. No confidence. If you are going to stay with him, you'll have to build him up yourself.


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  • try to compliment him.

    • I won't listen. He keeps saying he's ugly and told him he's hot but he shakes his head :/

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  • Tell him exactly what you just told us

    • Too shy to say all that to him :/

    • I would be too. Maybe you can sit down with him and tell him that you need to show him something. And then show him what you wrote us

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