Any dangerous, risky, or adrenaline-packed date ideas out there?

I want something risky. Something thrilling. Something that'll impress her and surprise her that I'm willing to do it. What comes to mind for me is public pranking, but I'm not sure she'd wanna do that (we talked about it before when we hung out and she just didn't seem like she wanted to at the time). I also considered urban exploring... if there were any good places to actually do that. But hopefully those give you an idea.

Something that makes one nervous would be good. I really don't care if you suggest things that are slightly illegal or frowned upon, I just want whatever suggestions you guys have.

My crush seems to lead a more... eventful... life than I do. I thought she was a quiet-ish, new-girl-in-town for the first few months I knew her, but the more I get to know her the more she has been revealed to be quite the wild one. And it makes me feel like the first three times I hung out with her must've been boring for her... unless I'm really just that exciting to talk to.

I should've mentioned that I've considered skydiving but it's fucking expensive and I think we'd both have to be 18 but she isn't.
Also, I forgot to mention the word "adventurous".


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  • Sky diving
    base jumping
    Steal a car
    Graffiti a building
    dump a bunch of food coloring/ jello into a small public body of water a. e. swimming pool
    make a list of things you have never done and go do them (refer to breakfast at Tiffanys)
    swim with some kind of dangerous animal
    white water rafting
    rent a tiger

    • Can you rent a tiger?
      Also, where to go base jumping, don't you need a parachute?

      The list of things you've never done would be good though.

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  • My boyfriend and my's first date was at the shooting range.

    Yes, it was awesome, and Yes, I'm American.

  • Skydiving my older sister went and she loved it

  • yea take me sky diving

  • Skydiving, rappelling, rock climbing, parasailing, jet skiing, riding rollercoasters, dirt biking, cliff diving, river rafting, etc... or watch a really scary movie.

    • Well roller coasters are probably the only thing I could realistically do around here, and I've considered that for a NON-adventurous date. Lol.

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  • Sky diving, water skiing, actual skiing, white water rafting in the rapids, while not really dangerous if your trained and fun, target shooting which unless your at least 18 you can't do it without a adult with you, rock climbing, sparring is always fun, light sparring is good for just practice, full on sparring is the best.

    • Thanks. It's kinda weird that there are that many things that I still probably can't do with her even though I'm 18.
      Sky diving - need parent, expensive
      Water skiing - expensive, don't know how, not really a partner type thing
      Skiing - expensive, not in season
      White water rafting - maybe... but I don't know the costs and parent permission shit
      Rock climbing - why do people think this is something someone can randomly do
      Sparring - wut

      I would definitely go shooting if she was 18.

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    • Yeah I don't like the idea of going to a fitness facility for a "date" though. That seems like something that we'd do if we were already BF/GF. And I know what sparring is, but I don't think she can fight, but I can, and I don't know how to spar like that really. Also, seems like some activity to do at home.

    • Light sparring is easy you just go slow, you could teach her to fight as a date, I always loved teaching people how to fight, I even taught my girlfriend some stuff before she went into the military.

  • Unprotected sex in a dumpster


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