Any dangerous, risky, or adrenaline-packed date ideas out there?

I want something risky. Something thrilling. Something that'll impress her and surprise her that I'm willing to do it. What comes to mind for me is public pranking, but I'm not sure she'd wanna do that (we talked about it before when we hung out and she just didn't seem like she wanted to at the time). I also considered urban exploring... if there were any good places to actually do that. But hopefully those give you an idea.

Something that makes one nervous would be good. I really don't care if you suggest things that are slightly illegal or frowned upon, I just want whatever suggestions you guys have.

My crush seems to lead a more... eventful... life than I do. I thought she was a quiet-ish, new-girl-in-town for the first few months I knew her, but the more I get to know her the more she has been revealed to be quite the wild one. And it makes me feel like the first three times I hung out with her must've been boring for her... unless I'm really just that exciting to talk to.

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I should've mentioned that I've considered skydiving but it's fucking expensive and I think we'd both have to be 18 but she isn't.
Also, I forgot to mention the word "adventurous".
Any dangerous, risky, or adrenaline-packed date ideas out there?
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