Should I invite a guy over when my parents aren't home?

He's my guy friend I've known for a long time. Last time we hung out, he tried to kiss me. We're still in good term, I guess? I like him but not in that way yet and I'm pretty comfortable with him around. My parents know almost everything about what's between us; they also know him and want to get to know him better. So I think I'm going to invite him over the weekend, but my parents aren't going to be home, should I do that?


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  • As long as he doesn't get the wrong idea and you Are... Pretty comfortable around him.
    However, if something goes just the opposite while he is there, set him straight and laugh it off and Continue To... Have a ball while the cats are away.
    Good luck and Happy weekend. xx

    • Hi, sweetie, and thank you so much for sharing.:)) xxoo

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  • So most guys will interpret that as a sign that you like him 'that way' and want to try that kissing thing again. Or more.

    "Come over while my parents aren't home" has been a pretty common invite for sex for a while now.

  • as long as you remain in control then sure go for it.

  • it is a time honored tradition to bring a man over when the parents are away


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes. I done that 2 times


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