On asking girl to go swimming or beach with me?

i do a lot of swimming and go beach as well , but i never really see or go there with any of the girls i know from real life , the girls i talk to at pub or bar i never go to beach with. and i'd like to invite them to join me or come down to beach but not sure how to go about it and not sure if there uncomfortable with idea of me seeing them in a bikini or not. as some of them i have never seen them at beach or in bikini before. i'm just not sure how to go about this? but its something i'd like to do this summer with them


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  • Arrange it with a couple of friends and invite her out as well. Tell her to bring anyone she wants with her. Make it a group thing.


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  • yeah make it a group thing not a one on one date, i recently went on a beach date and it was good!

    invite the girl you like and maybe 2 other couples

    • other couples? what about just other girls she's friends with. I have hung out at beach or docks with other girls this summer but those were like just random run ins when I was there not planned nights out

    • i say couples, to keep the other girls preoccupied,
      you dont want them getting in the way, thats what happened with me last weekend

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  • Well, it's not like you're inviting her to a nude beach or something. But I have often wondered if you ask a girl to the beach if she thinks you just want to see her in a bikini. PiuBelloAmante's suggestion sounds pretty good or what I was thinking was take her to dinner in some beach town, then take a walk on the beach. That way she will have a dress or some other piece of non-bikini attire on. That way you can go to the beach with her and show her you just like the beach and it isn't a ploy to see her in a swimsuit. Then another time you can take her to the beach during the day.


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