List your standards. Downvote if the persons standards seem too high. Upvote if their standards seem reasonable?

I'd say my standards on a scale of 10 with high being 10 is maybe like a 6-7... I'd probably get downvoted if you could downvote me lol.

• Must treat others kindly (mainly myself/children)
• Not completely shy, but not fully outgoing
• Ambitious (I like dreamers)
• In pursuit of getting at least an associates degree
• Humorous but not in a rude way
• hasn't had sex with or dated more than 3 people
• Great Kisser
• Monogamous
• Wants marriage and children before 30
• More trustworthy rather than straightforward
• Charismatic yet a good listener
• Passionate/Romantic/Kinky
• Adventurous
• Religious
• Responsible
• Hardworking/Handy
• Can cook
• Supportive
• Protective but not overprotective
(just dont leave me hanging)

• Fit (Not fat, but not skinny)
• Mostly straight teeth
• Taller than me
• Short hair "preferred"
• Nice/Short finger nails
• Okay feet unless he's willing to often wear socks
• Little to no body hair
• No facial hair (a short goatee is okay though)
• Maybe a nice firm booty lol
• No piggish nose (yea I went there)
• Nice Natural eyebrows
• Size does matter but I won't go there
• Please no 5 head (hats/caps can fool you)
• No big lips, but also not thin enough to where they barely exist on his fave

Since you can't downvote me, I'll at least let you rate my standards with 10 being too high. Poll:

  • 1-2 (not high enough)
    Vote A
  • 3-4 (thats all?)
    Vote B
  • 5-6 (sounds fair to me)
    Vote C
  • 7-8 (a bit much dont you think)
    Vote D
  • 9-10 (too high)
    Vote E
  • Off the charts
    Vote F
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Oh yea I forgot.

• At least my age or maybe a year older
• doesn't smoke
• Barely drinks (or doesn't drink at all)
Lol okay so the polls are going crazy right now. Where's the guy who said my standards aren't high enough? Love to meet him lol


Most Helpful Guy

  • Personality:
    - Can make me laugh and has a great sense of humor (or at the very least won't get offended over every little joke I make)
    - Isn't so shy that she has trouble making any friends, but isn't a chatterbox either
    - Is very loyal
    - Doesn't act entitled to shit just because she's a girl
    - Is willing to stand up for her beliefs in a respectful manner (Isn't spineless)
    - Has many, if not all, of the same views as I do
    - Has an appreciation for the fine arts, especially music (If she herself can sing or play an instrument, that is a HUGE plus as I am a singer myself)
    - Loves animals
    - Wants to get married and have kids one day (The one thing I will NEVER give up or "compromise" on)
    - Is respectful to my best friends and parents, especially my mom
    - Doesn't smoke cigarettes (I can tolerate weed as long as she doesn't force me to do it or expect me to hold her shit for her)
    - Isn't a party girl but doesn't act like a hermit either
    - Knows or at least has an idea of what she wants to do in life
    - Is educated (Having a degree isn't mandatory but is highly preferred)
    - Knows how to cook (She doesn't have to be as skilled as a chef, but she needs to at least know how to feed herself)

    - Is shorter than me (5'0" to 5'5" is preferred)
    - Has nice, full lips (Doesn't have to be big, but I can not stand thin ass lips)
    - Has lovely eyes (Green eyes are my favorite, but I'd be fine with any color)
    - Has long, healthy hair (Honey blonde is my favorite, but I enjoy brunettes and red heads too)
    - Isn't too skinny (I don't want to see your ribs sticking out)
    - Isn't too fat (If you look like you're pregnant but you actually aren't pregnant, that is a huge turn off)
    - Race doesn't matter to me (Although Latinas and mixed girls are my favorites)

    • Oh and for age, my range is from 3 years younger to 4 years older

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    • Oh and in regards to the girl's weight, I would not mind it if she were considered "chubby" as long as she was still healthy and didn't look prego lol

      I myself am pretty heavy (A couple weeks ago I was 250 lbs but now I'm at 230 and still plan to lose more), so it would be hypocritical of me to expect a girl to be petite/slim/etc. But I would not want her to be almost my size either. The global average height for a girl is 5'3", and if a girl of that height were to be as heavy as me, she would most likely not live to see 40.

    • You're very much welcome 😁 I feel you on the kid thing. If marriage doesn't happen before 30 (possibly by 25) than I will adopt or do in vitro. I'll make it happen somehow

Most Helpful Girl

  • Here's mine, I think that yours sounds pretty fair, though maybe specific :)


    • Has to be a nice person (like you, has to be nice to me, animals and children)

    • Doesn't necessarily have to be the smartest person around (I'm not!) but I'd want them to be able to debate with me sometimes

    • Can't be too high energy otherwise they'll irritate me

    • Has to be able to make me laugh

    • Has to be able to make me smile because I'm really emotional and I get upset a lot, so I need someone who knows how to make me smile

    • Has to be honest with me. If they're not comfortable telling me something, they have to say that, they can't just lie to me about it.


    • Just not much muscle please

    • Good teeth would be nice but stains and stuff are okay

    • Taller than me (so I'd prefer at least 5'4, with 5'8-5'9 a preference)

    • Long hair (at least chin length)

    • Preferably not much body hair

    • Good ass :)


    • Should be able to cook because I can't

    • Has to want some kind of life-long commitment, not necessarily marriage but I'd prefer that

    • Has to want some kind of pet

    • Has to want children (either adopted or ours biologically, I don't care)

    • Lol I like how you added animals in there. I dont want a muscly built guy either. My height preference is maybe 5'7-6'2. I'm not exactly a pet person. Haha thats exactly why I want him to be able to cook!

    • I've had 16 pets in my lifetime, as well as snakes, tortoises, fish, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, frogs, toads, lizards and a few other things, so I've obviously been raised around animals a lot! :P So for me, I want at least one pet :) Yeah, I prefer average height for guys but I'm willing to go above it because my current boyfriend is 6 foot.

    • I just dont want anyone under 5'3 or over 6'3. Even though I'm not a pet person, ai dont mind if he has one pet... But I dont want to be around when its loose. I jusy can't 😔

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What Guys Said 13

  • I gave you a 6. Sounds quite fair to me. But gosh what a list haha

    My persona is exactly like yours. I dont want someone whos just dated or had sex with a handful of people. I'd also like a hardworking person wth something going for them. Hopefully they have a good job or at least are pursuing some sort degree.
    I also hope they are religious like me, just so we'll be on the same page when it comes to our kids. My girl doesn't have to cook. She can leave that up to me.

    I hope my girl is fit as well. It would be nice if she had a nice size chest and booty, but I'm fine with it as long as she has one of the two. Face is very important. Her hair length isn't though. Hopefully she has no body hair as well. If she does have a big forehead lol, hopefully its covered by a bang or something. Teeth is important as well. I'd actually like for her to have trimmed or bitten nails and please no nail polish! I also hope she has natural eyebrows, wears little to no makeup, and is shorter than me.

    • Yay sounds fair enough! Love your standards as well :)

  • Looks :
    Not Obese
    Not Annorexic
    face around a 3/10 - 5/10

    Personality :
    Just a genuinely nice person

    • Not obese, not anorexic. Lol sounds about right

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    • Its a shame girls don't have a similar attitude though, With you guys its a case of Fucking insanely perfect face, and a ripped as fucked body. So, I don't even bother trying to date, Its not even worth my time to even look at people who have no interest in me, let alone talk and get to know them.

    • I dont want a built/buff guy though. Abs aren't all that but I admit biceps would be nice. His face doesn't have to be perfect. I'm just picky when it xomes to nose ans facial hair, but I see where you're coming from.

  • Looks:
    cute face
    long hair
    long, shaped legs
    not thin lips
    not taller

    has multiple ares of interest
    sexually creative
    not smoker
    someone I love to spend time with
    someone I can talk to for hours
    not ignorant
    laughs a lot
    loves herself
    don't care to much about what people think


    • I had to laugh hard at your "Okay feet unless he's willing to often wear socks"...

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    • well, good kisser can be taught ;).

    • When I say good kisser... Lol I just mean fresh breath so that I'll want to kiss you

  • Pretty face
    nice body

    ambitious and supportive

    thats it really anything else is a plus

  • I settle for no less than what
    in my eyes, are perfect.

    So should you, and everyone else. ^.~

  • Your standards are far too high, if even a quarter of those are dealbreakers.

    • The majority aren't deal breakers. Im just dreamin

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    • You won't know if his kinkiness is the kind you like unless you give it a try, and waiting until marriage is just a recipe for disaster. Good luck to you finding this impossible man.

    • I'm willing to risk a recipe for disaster. I dont want to try beforehand, but yea thanks anyway

  • 1) I must be attracted to her physically
    2) I must be attracted to her emotionally

  • There should be another option
    G: good fucking luck

    • Hahaha yea I shouldve added that

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    • Attractive, big tits, toned medium ass. Not a bitch, wife material.

    • Sounds perfect lol

  • Seems reasonable enough to me.

    • Yes thank you :)

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    • I hope my standards didn't come off as looking for a perfect person. In that case, it would have been twice as long and I wouldve gone into skintone, eye color, height, weight, etc. Hopefully I won't still be single once I hit my 30s, but if so, my lost will definitely cut down lol

    • *list*

  • Can not Drink or smoke or do drugs.
    Has to be thin
    small breasts
    small ass
    small hips
    NO tattoos or piercings other than basic ears
    under 35
    had 0-5 sex partners total
    is silly and fun
    doesn't try and change who I am
    doesn't pretend to be someone else to get me to like them
    doesn't play games
    doesn't emotionally manipulate

    Sounds like an impossible set of criteria but I found her and married her.

    • Aww you found her! So there's hope for me and my list after all :)

    • Yeah there are more items I didn't mention but she fit them all and when I found her I was determined and after 2 years... she and I got together and now have kids and a happy life. (I may not be her list but she's mine)

    • I'm so happy for you guys! Im even happer that this all happened before you hit 30 :)

  • Average looking face, Not obese can be skinny, but not a requirement , EXTREMELY loyal and respectful, supportive and wants something out of life, freaky in bed, has little to no baggage financially independent, but emotionally dependent.

    • Lol love your statement... Especially how you added in the "freaky in bed"

  • I want a girl who can make me laugh and who introduces me to new things. I want her to be an encouraging partner and in turn I want to be able to encourage her. She has to be OK with cats... That is by far the most important out of my standards. As far as looks, I want her to have a good smile. I don't care about height, I'm about 5'3. Obviously she also shouldn't care about height. Basically I want a girl who respects me for who I am and loves me for more than just physical characteristics

    • Wow I love everything you said... Well except for the cats. I just can't deal. I have a weird fear of cats, so that part is a bit of a no go for me.

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    • Scratch that even if I marry I'm getting the house full of cats

    • Lol and to think they always said it would be an old woman living with a house full of cats if she didn't find love 😝

  • You're dreaming! Come back to reality!

    • Heck yea I'm dreaming. I know I won't find a guy with all those qualities, but maybe half at least :)

    • Maybe half... good luck!

What Girls Said 8

  • Personality-

    Down to earth, I can't deal with snobby or superficial people.

    Open minded, can't deal with people who hate gays, who are racist or sexiest.

    Intelligent but I don't mean education wise, I mean in the sense of knowing how to carry yourself and not act and say stupid things all of the time.

    Caring, empathetic and polite towards others.

    Confident but not cocky, just confident enough to not be influenced by others and to be genuine.

    I just want someone who I can have nice conversations with but who doesn't take shit too seriously so we can laugh about a lot of things as well.

    I would really like someone who likes playing video games also lol

    A job, even if it's a McDonalds, I don't care, as long as he works.

    Loyal, I couldn't be with someone who I didn't trust.

    Doesn't want children.

    Doesn't mind pets because I love them.

    My dislikes are- guys who are arrogant, who thinks money matters, who put all women into one category.


    My preference is like 5'8" and above but I would date someone shorter.

    I prefer skinnier guys or even skinny/toned a little, not really into muscly/buff guys lol. But honestly I would date almost any body type if I liked someone, I don't mind a little bit of a stomach or a guy who is a little skinny. I would date a guy who had a little extra weight or even who was buff, even though it's not my preference. I'm not really that picky about it.

    I find all different types of faces attractive, so I don't really have any standards or limits when it comes to hair, eyes, facial features etc.

    • Nicely detailed. Lol I'd also like a gamer guy haha

    • lol, nice. What do you play?

  • Clean (no drugs or smoking)
    Generally a kind person
    Wants kids
    Likes dogs
    Not insecure

    That's all I can think of, lol

    • And these are all must-haves. I have other preferences of course, but all of these are my deal breakers! :P

    • I should have listed my deal breakers instead of a darn near dream guy. Maybe people would better understand me

  • You're standards are not that bad
    -Open minded/understanding
    -Into education or learning
    -If he's an introvert than he has to be open about his feelings and problems in the relationship
    -just attractive to me (some of my female friends have told me that I have "low standards" when it comes to a guys look, so I don't think it's bad)
    -takes care of his appearance and hygene (simple stuff)

    • Love your standards! Also, its good when your friends dont see what you see. One less friend to worry about going after your guy :)

  • That fact that you have a list is setting you up for failure.. there is no way that someone can be everything on your super long list. You will never find it and honestly when you meet someone, are you going to be comparing them to this list?

    • Also this one "• hasn't had sex with or dated more than 3 people" what do you even mean? like hasn't gone on dates with more than three people? or like seriously dating more than 3 people?

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    • Lol, srsl Asker? Ever heard about the 12 Bonk Rule?

    • @muspelhelm_3 I can't believe I read all that. But thats ridiculous. Far from what I want. There wouldn't be a drop of pure left

  • Your standards are simply unrealistic because they do not honor the unique place a man may be on the timeline of his life when you meet him. They also negate from his collective package. You can’t cherry pick through someone’s distinctive external and internal identity. That’s not how being human works.

    If you go through life arrogantly acting like men were put on this planet to please and impress you then you will accomplish nothing besides dismissing damn good men and embracing some of the worse men because they don’t have a “piggy nose” or “nice natural eyebrows.” Maintain this idea and you’ll learn the hard way, not the smart way.

    • Good reasoning. I hear you. I can give up some of the things I listed above, but the piggish nose is a definite no.

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    • Wow how dare she say African American men? I understand my piggy nose may have been weird, but I've seen more of other races with piggish noses than black men

    • Taylor lautner is so cute that I try my hardest to overlook his nose lol

  • Wow my twin. I think I'll just copy and paste your list here. But might I add, I dont want a guy who smokes :)

    • Twins! Oh yea I forgot I dont want a smoker/drinker either :)

  • Your list made me think of an male model for Abercrombie & Fitch... you better look like an Abercrombie model yourself! XD

    My standards

    -Emotionally stable
    -Can cook well
    -Good kisser
    -Has a life, career, goals for himself

    -Good hygiene
    -Good looking/handsome
    -Short/Trimmed nails
    -No facial hair
    -Tall, at least 5'10 (however this can be trumped by a handsome face and good personality)

    • Extra:
      -Speaks with purpose, not like a fool

    • Lol yes the way he speaks is very important! But no I didn't say he had to be a beauty. He doesn't have to have abs or a gorgeous face. He just needs to be cute and somewhat fit. I definitely dont want model material

  • These are deal-breakers. Not even dreaming

    -good hygiene
    -has good sense of humour
    -not obese or too muscular
    -not clingy
    -has nice haircut
    -is kind and polite

    Most important thing would be that he would even like me. That is why I have high standars

    • Aww yay lol! I actually kinda want a clingy guy though

    • I would hate that XD. I mean guys that call and text all the time and want to be together always when we go out. But I understand some people like it.

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