Why would a guy keep liking a girl's Instagram pictures when he completely stopped talking to her?

I met a guy, we clicked, and talked all day every day for about two months. Then he randomly stopped talking to me... we haven't talked in weeks.

But he still likes all of my selfies on Instagram and snapchats me sometimes. Why is he doing this but still not talking to me like he used to?

  • He's still interested/misses her
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  • He doesn't mean anything by it
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  • He's already got a girlfriend or he's met someone but he's keeping you interested by liking your pictures. That way he could possibly come back if he wanted. He is trying to maintain contact indirectly. I think he's interested but aleady got a set up.

    • I know for a fact he's single, we were practically together for two months, I just don't know why he does this instead of texting/calling me. I'm wondering if he's just a player and never keeps a girl.

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    • He's making the effort to like your posts and to snapchat you.

    • That's what I thought too but I thought I was just making excuses for him. The last time he snapped me was 2 weeks ago. Should I just wait it out or initiate contact?

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  • He's prolly just bored and killing time or aimlessly curious

  • He likes that picture to stay there to signal other people he knows a cute girl...


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