What makes a girl sweet personality and character wise?

Both guys and girls tell me "you seem like a good person"
and "you are sweet"
Is it a good or desirable trait?

im not tough and confrontational and I have a feminine soft voice. Im not intimidating and I used to get walked on but I learned the art of walking away from people who don't treat me with respect and that soft doesn't have to mean taken advantage of.


Most Helpful Guy

  • The qualities of any successful relationship: trust, love, happiness, understanding, they all stem from the same place: kindness. Having the same qualities of being good and sweet, which pretty much are just different words for them, are the finest qualities anyone could obtain. That means when someone messes up, you don't jump down their throat. But don't mistake being good, being sweet as weaknesses. That just means you treat people right and work hard to make people feel comfortable. This is a trait many guys fight for in a woman. Cause it doesn't matter how beautiful or smart a girl is or can be, if she is cruel or mean, why stay with her?


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  • Can't answer for a guy, but my thoughts are that to be sweet, you have to be kind, thoughtful, patient, sincere. In fact, there are so many to list.

    I think from anyones point of view, it is a very desirable trait, as it makes you a delightful person to be with socially and romantically.

    Well done for being able to walk away from confrontation. That makes you the bigger, stronger person!


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What Guys Said 2

  • of course "good and sweet" is really good!

    but being "good and sweet" might make people take advantage of u... as u said... but since u know how to walk away... it's perfect ;)

    • I learnt the hard way. Lol. I am not good at arguing and having a toughie attitude.

    • :D


  • How you are as a person is a big deal to me in relationships. If your sweetheart and great oerson that makes me more attracted to you than any physical traits hands down.


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  • I'm the same way, my boyfriend always said that I was adorable, but my kindness and heart of gold was what made him love me.
    Positivity is a great comfortable trait for all those around us.
    I think sweet means kind and always assuming the best in others when you can, gentle and thoughtful and positive, like the sun on a nice cool afternoon. :)


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