What's the difference between "going steady" and "gf/bf"? is there another commitment level involved before making that title?


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  • Going steady is sort of an old fashioned term now. It means/meant that you were exclusive. Having a girlfriend or boyfriend is sort of a term that the other person gives you to indicate exclusivity also. Usually you don't hear someone declare to someone else, "I'm your girlfriend now." It's usually something offered up by the other person first, and usually happens when you are being introduced to someone - which is sometimes a pleasant or not-so-pleasant surprise for the other person to realize that is how they see them.

    The only other commitment levels are to be exclusive/monogamous Friends With Benefits which sometimes can happen before the relationship starts, only one person is fearing giving up their single status or admitting to others that they are taken just as long as they can still reap the benefit of having someone in their life. But as for "going steady" and having a boy/girlfriend - those two are usually meant to be the same thing. You have one partner and aren't looking for any others.


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