My boyfriend is throwing up and upset. How do I comfort him?

I live with my boyfriend and he's got the stomach flu. He really hates throwing up and gets really worked up about it- he tries to hold it in which makes it even more unpleasant for him. He needs me to be right there with him when it happens, which is fine but I hate seeing him upset and uncomfortable. He's a super athletic tough guy and usually looks after me but he has a really hard time being sick.

Can anybody recommend some other ways to comfort him while it's actually happening? I know it's not going to be fun but I feel useless just telling him it's going to be okay and to let it out.


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  • Go out and get him some Ginger Ale. It helped me when i had the stomach flu. Ginger is very good at helping upset stomachs


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  • Stomach flus only last like a day as long as he lets his body do what it needs to. I don't know just give him some bland foods and 7up and pat his head.

    • It's just hard to convince him to let his body do what it needs to because he fights it so it's worse when he finally throws up. But I will try the head patting hahaha

    • I honestly don't know how you put up with that sort of nonsense. You have waaaaaaay more patience than me.

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  • Make ho ginger tea. This best-remedies-stomach-flu

    Tell him to drink a lot of water.
    I think I had something similar before, so I couldn't take in any food or else I would throw up. So, if he is the sameway, tell him to not drink it fast.

    Take small sips and maybe wait a few seconds before taking another sip?

    I find it really comforting when someone holds my forehead and the back of my head while I throw up. Lol. I feel bad for them but it is really comforting. Specially since I feel like my energy is being drained.

    This site has some really helpful tips..

    And maybe this one too:

    I avoid caffeine by the way.

  • make green tea for him..


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