Is he doing a slow fade on me? How should I deal with it?

Been dating this guy for 2 months and always been exclusive to each other but we don't have relationship label. He was happy to let me sleep over and said haven't done that for a year, and he always encourage me to leave stuff at his place, he has introduced me to his sportsteam mate and demonstrate PDA in front of them, not like we all hung out but at least not kept in the dark.. Yesterday he told me things are moving faster than what he is used to in certain way. Also he can see us clashing in a few ways and he concern about long term. He can see obstacle but he wants to pursue this.

I asked if he wants to go back to non exclusive dating, he said of course not, as I said I like to keep pursueing.

last night I had an event and don't feel too well today. Everyone (including guys who are only interested in sex and work mates) has checked in with me asking how my event go and if I'm tired. Except this guy. If he really wants to pursue this like he said he should have at least text me in the morning? or is he waiting until at night to call? or is he doing a slow fade? What should I do? cut him lose before he does that?


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  • Are you seriously asking whether you should cut a guy off because he doesn't ask you if you're doing well? The answer is no, you're overthinking.

    • He asked later in the day and then sente one text per hr. I think that's because I didn't reply.

      I know it's not a race Roche k up one but if he try care he could have take 30 Sec to send a text during the day

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  • he is just stringing you along while he figures if he wants to be in serious relationship with you. PDA in front of guy friend is just to show off, see if she would do PDA in front of his female friends.

  • I think he himself isn't clear about what he wants. His behaviour is somewhat confusing to me.

    • What's the best way to deal with him then? Ignore him?

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    • Well, there are two things you can text him and finish things once and for all, but that would be like a break up by text, if you don't mind doing that then it's fine, that's not the best way to break up with someone. If you have decided to follow this way, then just write to him and end things, don't expect a reply from him, but he will reply for sure, don't pay attention to that, don't reply to that, this should be the last text you write to him and should be one-sided which would say "GOOD BYE"

      Second way is you can also continue to ignore him, not reply to him, you can ignore his texts and in time he will stop doing it. You can decide between the two, whichever seems more mature to you, more comfortable to you.

      First way or the second way you are making it clear that you are not interested anymore.

    • sorry I might have confused you. I meant don't give him the comfort to decide as it make him to hurry up and stop over worrying

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