Crush asked me for my name even though we talked once?

So this guy who has been my crush for a year already, started working as a waiter half a year ago. I went a couple of times at the bar/caffe but my sister goes there more than me, so he remembers her oder. I texted him once and we spoke a little bit about a funny moment at the caffee but it lasted only half an hour cause it was 2am. A couple of days ago I messaged him again but he replied with a heyy, and when I asked him what he's doing he didn't reply anymore.
Today, I went at that place with some friends and my sister. He was looking at me and the funny thing is, when we went inside to pay, he asked what my name was, when he clearly knows *I guess*. So i told him, but my voice came out a bit harsh, yet he was still smiley and happy looking. And he said "oh so you're her" then my sister paid and we left. He wished us a good night and I looked at him and wished him a good night back.
Why did he ask me that question? And while taking the order he was looking at me instead of the person who was ordering. But he was right behind me.. and I looked at him just for a little while... what could it mean, do you think he'll text me soon?


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  • Maybe he didn't realize you were the same person who he was talking to the other night or he didn't realize you were the same person who texted him. Stuff like that happens all the time when you meet someone new. But if you're interested in talking to him more, you should text him instead of waiting for him to text you.

    • But if I text him for the third time, won't I be a little bit annoying?

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  • He will text you!


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  • Honestly, It's not clear to me. I don't think you'll hear of him. You'll have to make yourself more obvious to him. I am not sure this guy really thinks that much about you. He is being nice and polite and maybe he even think you look good, but I don't know how much he thinks of you. You might have to work a bit harder.

    • How do I work a bit harder? Should I go at his workplace more often?

    • Yes It's a good idea. He has to see you often, you have to talk to him a lot. You have to make your place in his mind.

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