He disapears for weeks...(phone off, last seen on whatsapp ages ago...)?


i've known this guy for about 6 months now... We are just acquintances, but he texted me regularily.
He has a girlfriend ( he told me after 2 months or something). nevertheless, he continued to contact me.

What strikes me a bit strange is that he regularily disappears, meaning that his phone seems to be switched off. He can't receive messages, his whatsapp last seen is 3 weeks old etc...

he is very busy, but he still relies on the phone, doesn't he?
he went mia during his holidays, but as soon as he returned he texted me...

well the thing is, I kind of broke the contact off as I wished him a good future until he knows what he wants. He wanted to be "friends" yet continued flirting with me... I think it's unfair as he can't have 2 women... He hasn't replied, but completely went MIA (this has happened before as well, when we didn't know each othe well).

we tried to be "friends", but this doesn't work as we are both very attracted to each other (we didn0t do anything together btw).

i don't know whats going on in his head, because he seems to want to stay with his girlfriend even though they have problems?

and is it normal to switch off one's phone for so long?


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  • He is living two lives here and his girlfriend obviously doesn't know. All he has for you are empty promises in which he won't keep. You will only get hurt from this and basically you'll only waste time with him. Keep in mind that you're the mistress here of some sort, so you'll always be second place to him regardless of what he says

    • I agree with you.
      I told him many times that it's a waste of time and he got upset!. He didn't understand this... is he this naive? He even wanted to stop flirting and text me normally, but I told him to stopp all contact

      the other factor is that he is in a ldr...

      i am just asking because a friend of mine was in a similar situation for about a year, but "her" guy broke it off with the long distance ex and he is seeing my friend now. She experienced the same things, he told her to meet up, but never followed through etc, but she remained patient and now she has him

      i just wonder if i had should been more patient?

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  • If I were you I'd just forget about this guy and find someone else. He has a girlfriend and doesn't seem to want to leave her so I think it would be better for you to find someone who's not in a complicated situation like this and can actually be with you completely.

    • He knows as I have told him
      Yet, why does he want to be friends? he even evented to meet to discuss some uni stuff?

      was it right to refuse to be "friends"? Or should I have maintaned the "friendship"?

    • I think you were right to refuse to be friends with him. If I were in your situation I would've done the same.

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  • He fucking has a girlfriend... its called spending time with a loved one. U should try it sometime!

    • he doesn't spend time with her as she lives abroad ;)
      loved one? are you serious? hahahahaha too funny. wake up lady. i doubt he loves her according to his behaviour. i didn't pursue him, he pursued me very very hard! he didn't mentin the loved one, he wanted to meet up and he flirted heavily with me, whereas I told him a few times that I want to be "friends" under these circumstances. I've just realized that friend thing doesn't work, as he always starts with the flirtation

      I bet you're one of those girls who would protect her "cheating" boyfriend and blame the "other girl". Very independent of you

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    • he hasn't cheated yet yu silly girl and he won't! we are not longer in touch as i don't want to be friends and told him to finally decide!!
      yes, i would cry, but so what? that's life, it happesn. I acutally assume that every guy migh be a cheater when I enter a relationship. That way, I am already prepared for suffer as many girls who blindly trust her guy. I never fully trust a guy, never! men are very week creatures and they can't be trusted anyways

      i wil be glad too take the scraps if they were hot ;)

      your intellectual level seems to be on a low scala obviously

    • Projecting much? Your issues are clear as day. First of all, u can't handle truth, secondly, u really should work on your trust issues. How sad that will never be able to experience a "real relationship" with anyone if u don't fix yourself. Then again, i won't mind seeing girls like u get played. Your attitude says it all. Now go fuck yourself and leave other women's men alone. I won't waste my intelligence on u. You wouldn't recognize it if struck u straight between the eyes.

  • No it;s not normal.


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