Why does he want to meet me so bad? Please what do I do? I need advices?

We met online 3 months ago but live in different countries in Europe, he is going to senegal for 4 months and right before he travels he wants to spend the night with me, he booked a flight from my country just to come and see me? I refused because then I'd get too attached and Im sure we will break off contact after he goes there since he won't have an internet connection where he will live there...

Is that all he wants? To spend the night with me? And ditch me?

I told him I dont fucking want to.. That I don't even like him anymore and want him to leave me alone.. He said he doesn't care, he just wants to spend good time with me and bla bla and then he will go and I'll never see him again...

Really? But like? Thats all he wanted? I dont know? Could someone help? Am I right to do this? Am I wrong?



Most Helpful Guy

  • ditch this one quickly...


Most Helpful Girl

  • So he wants to have a one night stand... but i dont understand your question?

    • I was curious as to how people would view the situation..
      Do you think he only wants me as a one night stand? Right?

    • Yes, it seems that he only wants a one night stand.

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  • sorry but it looks like he wants a hook up


What Girls Said 1

  • we cannot know the truth. but allow yourself your truth. If that is wrong for you, then don't do that. Dont let anyone to convince you about something you don't want.


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