Why are guys so confusing?

So this guy I work with always playfully teases me like he tickles me and starts pillow fights. He told me in a drunk message on Facebook that he liked me and then he told me the next day when he was sober still on Facebook. Since then he has been teasing me more but he keeps saying to other people we work with that he isn't ready for a relationship everytime he says that he looks at me as if he's waiting to see my reaction. Do you think when he said he liked me he was being serious or was it just because he was drunk?


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  • Liking someone and being in a relationship are two different things. He likes you, the drunk thing just helped him get it out. You shouldn't judge the statement about not being in a relationship to seriously. That can mean crap ton of things. Going out a time or two to feel things out isn't a commitment, its just a date and it doesn't mean he is trying to take advantage of you.


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  • It seems, pie eyed or straight, he is really Into you here, dear, and even off the job, he is Not afraid to announce it.
    However, this doesn't constitute a Real relationship, which he Openly had admitted he is Not Into, so go slow with his flow and who Knows... You may end up hanging and painting the town red after hours.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It can be any of these:
    1. He likes you, but isn't ready to date
    2. He is just friendly and weird
    3. He's playing games
    And Lol you're saying that guys are confusing? Look at your own gender. Most of us guys are simple and straightforward.


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