What are some reason why I can't attract a decent girl?

by decent I mean a cool girl whos not bitchy and whoreish that jumps from guy to guy. I always seem to find great girls but they are always taken or just dont like me. I really dont know what could be wrong.

I'm a decent guy, I'm easy going and a caring person. I work hard on my goals and dreams like everyone else. I always saw myself with someone at this age but I never had a relationship that last more than 3 months... so I feel terribly inexperienced in this


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  • I think a real easy going and caring guy would not categorise and dismiss all the women they are not initially taken by as bitches and whores.
    I also think the kind of guy who attracts girls he respects, respects himself, and does t go around asking why can't I, why won't anybody, what's wrong with me?

    So there you go. It's all in your approach. Take a good look at your attitude, your sense of entitlement, and your willingness to accept others for who they are, and then dig deeper until you realise nobody is who you think they are until you both open up.

    You CAN do it, you CAN have a wonderful relationship, but They deserve a wonderful relationship too.

    • Well I' not judgmental but these girls I've been with have cheated on me a treated me like garbage. I'm a good guy and I'm not entitled to anything I just say that I WANT a decent girl because I'm a family man yet I'm hitting my 30s and I never had a stable relationship... just caotic ones

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  • The people we attract are a reflection of our personality. Maybe you're not as decent as you think you are.

    • Hey I'm not perfect but I don't believe people we attract are a reflection of yourself, that's just old wives tales

  • You're the one that picks them

    • they seem nice at first tho and you can't know if a girl is a whore untill you actually meet her for some time

    • Actually you can tell in the first 5 minutes.

    • actually you can't some girls hide that shit well and dress normal then when you're in a relationship already thats when they start showing the true colors

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