Is it true White Guys think Asian Girls are easy for them to get? Asian girls are known to lust after White guys even over Asian guys?

And since White Girls are totally unattracted to Asian guys (I'm Asian so I know, so don't argue), that gives white guys 2 entire races of Women he holds dominion over. Mature answers only


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  • Well... Most Asian girls are either only interested in white guys or only interested in Asian guys. A few of my Asian friends have said that they would never date outside their own race because the culture shock would be too much. I'm exclusively attracted to white guys, because I just find them more my type, appearance wise.
    However, even though some Asian girls only like white guys, it doesn't mean that Asian girls are easy for white guys to get. Just because I'm attracted to white guys, it doesn't mean I'm attracted to all of them. In fact, I'm quite picky in terms of appearance, personality, and intelligence.

    • Also, what do you mean by "lust after white guys ever over Asian guys"? First of all, one race is not superior to another. And second, there's nothing wrong with wanting to date outside of your own race. Asian girls don't have to go after Asian guys just because they're the same race.
      Maybe Asian girls don't like you not because you're Asian, but because you're not really that nice.

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  • I am a white guy. It is not just a matter of thinking, Asian girls ARE easier to get into bed. Compared to white girls (over ~26), it is not even close.*

    I have been with Asian girls of many nationalities. My preference is college girls or fresh grads. Quite a few were virgins and a couple had never so much as kissed a guy, and we were having sex on the first or second date.

    The easiest are Filipinos and Indonesians. Young Indonesian women have a fantasy of sleeping with a white guy before they get married. Not only can I believe it (and many delete the "before they get married part if they didn't have the chance), I asked about it. An Indo girlfriend of mine invited her friends to dinner with us. I asked, "Is it true that Indonesian women all have a fantasy of sleeping with a white guy, and if so would they do it?" They discussed it among themselves and said, "Yes, it is unanimous".

    *The average age of women when we have sex for the first time is 22, and that had not changed since I was 25. I get older, but my dates don't. Women who are now over 30, there is no question that Asians were so easy to get into bed. About four or five years ago, I noticed that white girls (college age) started being as easy as Asian girls have always been.

    I have turned down sex with Asian women many times because I didn't find them attractive enough.

    • I will also mention that I have met, and know many Asian women who refuse to date anyone who isn't white.

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    • I am not saying all Indo women have heard of such a thing, especially those that live sheltered lives. Many are naive and have no idea what goes on outside their house.

      Kapan saya di Jakarta, saya sudah kadang-kadang bermain permainan: Saya punya empat jam. Saya awal biasanya tentang tengah hari, mungkin jam satu atau jam dua. Ciputra mall dekat Trisakti tempat baik. Tapi lain tempat baik terlalu. Kalau saya bertemu wanita muda sebelum empat jam, dan seks dengan ia sebelum malam, saya menang. Saya biasanya menang. Bersuami, perawan... tidak ada. Saya memberi tidak uang, tidak alkohol, tidak obat-obat. Saja bicera bersama. Saya saja seperti wanita yang bagus. Saja di Jakarta atau Bandung. Menakjubkan.

      Maaf, kalau bahasa Indonesia saya tidak bagus, tidak cukup praktek.

      You look IndoChinese. I have heard a complaint from them too. A couple IC girls I knew said they prefer bule because IC men are hypocrites. They want a virgin to marry as they have sex with prostitutes in the meantime.

    • @Niere
      Also, regarding my old girlfriend and her friends, the question was whether Indo girls have that fantasy of being with a bule. They all agreed that they do. I know two out of the five married a bule, and don't know about the other three.

      I asked a follow up question, "If language were not a barrier," (it is), "About what percent of women would go through with it?" They settled on 70%. These are college girls from upper class families in Jakarta, so they surely do not represent the views of women from the less developed provinces like Aceh.

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  • depends on people but I feel more comfortable wiht my own people (Koreans) than the rest of the world lol

  • No Asian girls are not desperate to be with white Guys. White men feel self entitled to any race of girl so they get upset if a girl does not find them attractive


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