Why would boyfriend not kiss or hug me goodbye?

My boyfriend of only 7 months didn't kiss or hug me goodbye tonight and it made me pretty upset.

He's in the army so I don't see him too often (once a week or once every other week) but we have a pretty serious relationship, have said we love each other pretty often and always say how glad we are that we met. He's met my family and they all love him. Even his friends have said how cool I am and ask when we're getting married etc.

We were hanging in his room when I had to leave for home and he was going out with friends. His friend offered to drive me to my car, my boyfriend sat up front with his friend. When we got to my car, my boyfriend turned around and said "well see you next week!". Then before I even got in my car or opened the door, they had already left.

I got really upset because he always does and this time it felt like I was just a buddy. Maybe it was because his friend was there?

Is this illogical to be upset? I don't know why I'm so mad about it but it makes me mad and I'm not sure if I even should be. Any thoughts? Thanks! :)
Why would boyfriend not kiss or hug me goodbye?
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