I'm falling for my best friend who has a boyfriend!!!

So here's the story! Me and this girl have been good friends for about a year. We always had boyfriend/girlfriend but then broke up with them around the same time. Then we saw each other as single people and began flirting. We kissed and did other things but waited to go all the way. This all happened within the last 2 weeks of the college year so when college let out for summer and I was going far away we said we wouldn't start anything official and just talk a lot over the summer. On move-out day we had a goodbye kiss and went on our separate ways. We texted aaalll summer and talk on the phone all summer too. She even came to visit me once for a few days and we ended up fooling around and staying together in the same bed. We snuggled all night and it was the greatest thing ever. We talked about having sex and both agreed to hold off on it. We continued talking throughout the summer and I was getting more and more excited to get back to school just so I could see her beautiful face again and hug her and kiss her!

Move-in day comes and one of my other friends informs me that this girl is seeing someone and has been for about a month! This pretty much destroyed me! After a few days of wondering, I finally talked with her, through IM, about her seeing someone and why she didn't let me know about it. She said it was so recent that she hadn't had a chance to tell anybody really, which I can understand. But still, it would have been nice to know. She said that she still wanted to be just as good of friends as we have always been. She is one of my best best-friends and I agreed with wanting it that way even though I want so much more! I did tell her that my feelings were still the same and that they were not going to change. She said she understood.

Now here it is 2 weeks in to school and all I ever think about is her. We hang out a lot and I'm not quite sure but I feel that maybe she might still have feelings for me. She is a very friendly person so I can't really be sure if she is flirting with me or not but it is confusing me so much. We make eye contact a lot which makes my heart melt every time and she touches me a lot by jokingly bumping me or teasing me slightly. She is still seeing this guy, who is 18 btw and she is 21 and I'm 23, and she doesn't talk about him around me really at all, only a few times when others have brought it up. Now I guess tonight this guy and his best friend, who is her brother, are coming to the dorms to party and stay the night. She looked at me this morning and asked me "are you partying with me tonight" in that same friendly almost flirting way. I don't know what to do. Should I just stay in the friend zone and bide my time? Should I go to the party? (All my friends will be there!) How should I act towards this guy? I was thinking maybe a very rough handshake when I meet him! haha! Any advice on any of this or just an opinion would be greatly appreciated. Even some sympathy. lol! Thanks
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Oh and when I confronted her on AIM she told me that she had thought about me and her together and had decided that she didn't want to ruin the great friendship that we already had. Cause if it hadn't worked out then it would have made things awkward.
I'm falling for my best friend who has a boyfriend!!!
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