My boyfriend has a female best friend

So my boyfriend had a female best friend. They've been best friends for years and she's considered part of the family by him and his family. I currently live with him in a apartment, He normally works 7 days a week I work 5. Well he's been off this week for a medical reason and every day he's with his best friend, she comes over and they go do stuff while I'm at work. I brought this up at dinner last night that it concerns me because he's told me before he loves her and she is his world and all this and quickly at the end will mention well besides you babe. And at dinner last night he told me I need to stop worrying because without her he'd lose it and that he needs her to hold him together and she's who he can vent to and talk to about anything. And I said well shouldn't I be that person an he said no because he vented to me once and I used it against it, he vented to me once saying he couldn't accept this life and was stuck In the past, renting a small house, being comfortable in a 6 year relationship and all this jazz, and that hurt so I told him it did and now he doesn't wanna vent to me because he thinks ill hold it against him. Back to being at dinner he said when we get home we're gonna talk about this and why I need her and you're in for a rude awakening. So we got home and he didn't even talk he just put a movie on and acted like nothing happened and fell asleep. on top of this he's getting switched to overnight shift soon which means mon-fri ill literally only see him for a hour each day and ill be sleeping for that hour and getting ready for work. So everyday for now on he's gonna be spending with this female best friend, and yeah that concerns me, not even because I think he's gonna cheat on me but I feel like him and I will never be on the emotional level we should be I because he's with her so much an only trusts her with venting an anything and from the looks of it will always care for her more and put her first. For my birthday last month he was gonna take me to the city an do all this jazz and the next day he called me and said I invited my best friend to come with us hope that's okay. Couple hours of arguing later he agreed to not let her come and lied to her saying we werent even going anymore but we ended up not going anyways because he woke up with metal in his eye and had to go to drs... I'm at a loss I'm upset everyday and he acts like there's nothing wrong with this picture and maybe there's not maybe I'm flying off the handles she is a nice girl so far... Some extra info he's 23, I'm 22, were in a commited relationship living together, know each others families etc love each other... What do you guys thinks and be honest if I'm in the wrong that's fine.
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Also when I've hung out with the two of them I feel like a tag along they're having the time of their lives joking and what not and its like I'm not even there sometimes.
My boyfriend has a female best friend
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