Does He Think I Rejected Him? What Do I Do?

So I've developed a crush on a guy in one of my classes. I was fairly certain he had a crush on me too because he would always steal glances at me when he thought I wasn't looking, he complimented me (told me I had a beautiful name lol), and always seemed like he wanted to talk to me. The only reason I wasn't 100% certain was because sometimes he would act really awkward or weird around me and woudn't say much when I went out of my way to initiate convo.

So fast forward to last Thursday, when we have class together. He doesn't sit by me in class (we don't necessarily sit BY each other but he always sits close to me) and he doesn't really even talk to me all day. So imagine my surprise when, as soon as I got to my apartment from class, I get a call from him (he's never called me before, but he has my number because we're in a study group together). He asks if I want to go boating and then to the beach with a couple of his friends. I told him to go ahead and email me the details (my phone is partially broken to where I can't send or recieve texts, can't make calls, and can't even unlock my it; literally all I can do is answer calls) and I would see if I could make it.

He emails me his plans. However, I had forgotten that I planned on taking my little brother, who has special needs, to this Halloween party/ trick-or-treat thing that the city (I live in San Francisco) is holding. I email him that I can't come, but that we should hang out again sometime, and I'm free this Friday and anytime after Halloween if he wants. He hasn't responded to me. It's been a whole day, I know he saw the email.

Does he think I rejected him? I really don't know how to feel about this situation at all. I like him, but I'm feeling a lot of different emotions right now. I feel bad on one hand because I think he thinks I rejected him, but on the other hand very frusrated and annoyed that he thinks that because I'm not going to

not going to sacrifice plans with my little brother to hang out with some guy who wouldn't even talk to me all day! Now its 3am and I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking. My weekend has been ruined and I'm upset/frustrated/annoyed/confused. Does he think I rejected him? Is this a red flag?
edit: bump! need more answers, particularly from the guys!!


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  • i dont think he thinks you rejected him as you proposed other alternatives... but i think you should suggest sth yourself this time to let him know for sure that you're down to seeing him & not saying 'lets do sth next time' just to be nice

    • Why do you think he hasn't responded?

    • he's probs just feeling upset i mean it was the first time he suggested you to do sth with him like that... & he sounds like a shy guy, so yeah just disappointed, but he will eventually respond... if he doesn't respond in like 3 days, email him again and suggest sth more concrete

    • ok thanks (:

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  • Not going to lie I probably would think I was rejected if I were the guy.


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  • Did you tell him why you couldn't go? People tend to be more understanding when they have the full reasons.

    • Yep, I explained to him that I was taking my little brother trick-or-treating. Still no response. I just think the whole situation was bad because when he called I asked "who is this?" because of my broken phone and I could tell he was kind of taken aback that I didn't realize it was him. And then I told him to just email me because my phone's broken... I know it doesn't look good on my end either but I don't know what he's think

    • Unless he tells you, neither will I.

  • He's probably hesitant. He's unsure of what to say or do next. He'll email you sometime later. But if he doesn't email u back in less than two days. Something's not right. You should confront him about it if that ever happens.

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