I miss talking to him, how should I find out if he's still interested? Does it seem like I caught his attention today?

I miss talking to him, how should I find out if he's still interested? Does it seem like I caught his attention today?

Hello :) so this guy that I work with and I texted pretty much everyday for about a month. I found out from other co workers that he liked me and we ended up talking outside of work on Twitter, and we exchanged phone numbers. Everytime we would talk he would initiate it and he would call me names like cutie, beautiful, etc. He would always send me good morning texts and we would talk pretty much the entire day until we had to either go to work or when we went to bed. I went to his house to watch a movie once a month ago and we even cuddled and kissed (he wanted to do more I think but it was too soon for me, so I didn't let it go further than kissing). About a couple weeks ago we started texting less and we haven't texted in about a week or two (he was the last one to text me). Also since we stopped texting, at work he talks to others but not to me and I'm afraid to say Hi, in case he doesn't say anything. Could he think I lost interest? Today I had on a bodycon dress and I was dressed up because I have a birthday dinner later. I went in to work about an hour ago to write down my schedule and two of the ladies that I work with kept saying how good I look and one joked saying look at the new girl in town (I have to wear my hair up and a hat at work). When my co-worker said that I saw him turn and look over from a distance at me (his back was facing me) but he didn't say anything. Could I have caught his attention? That was the first time I caught him looking since we stopped texting. Should I text him or just wait to see what happens or if he says anything about me to co-workers? I still have interest in him and I would love to start talking again if he contacted me. What should I do? Does it sound like I caught his eye? :) Thanks for your answers
I really need advice :( could someone please give me their opinion lol thank you :)


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  • Of course he thinks you lost interest. You stopped texting him.

    This is one thing I never understood as a man. Things would seem to go decently well, then a girl flakes out. Why? My personal reaction would be giving you one more shot after the first time you didn't respond. From there, one more flake and I'm gone. It'd take a hell of a lot (including an explanation) for me to regain any interest whatsoever.

    Out of curiosity, what is it that caused you to just stop texting him? Why are you now wanting his attention again? You say you'd love to starting talking again if he contacts you, but you don't see the irony in that? You want him to text you again despite the fact that you didn't respond to his last text?

    I think you need to stop playing games if you legitimately want a man. That man, at this moment, is likely thinking, "I'm not playing those game - I'll find a girl who will just act like a normal human being and have real conversation instead of thinking I need to beg for her attention". Maybe not, but I would be thinking that.

    • I didn't text back because we both were going to bed and said goodnight. He would always text first the next day saying good morning regardless of who texted last. He also unfollowed me on Twitter like two weeks before that but we continued to text so I'm not sure if it was accidental. I was going to text him to catch up, sometimes I'm afraid that I'll bug him but I guess I'll just have to get over worrying

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    • Thank you for your advice :) does it sound like I caught his attention when I came in to work dressed up? He turned his head and looked when a coworker said I looked good, but he didn't say anything lol mixed signals. Maybe he's nervous

    • You caught his attention, no doubt. I'd be willing to bet money that he thought, "damn she looks good". But it was also probably mixed with negative feelings because he has given up.

  • Try something sexual


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