No kiss or anything after two dates. Did he friendzone me?

I met this guy online a few weeks ago. We quickly got close and decided to go on a date. The first date went pretty well. We were out all day exploring the city and we both had a great time. At the end of the date, we had a long and tight hug. I was a bit disappointed that he didn't kiss me but after all it was the first date, so I didn't worry so much. Two days after the first date, he asked me if I want to meet on the weekend. So we went on the second date. The second date went pretty well, too. We didn't do anything special but again we spent whole day together. There were times our faces were so close, close enough that we could kiss but nothing happened. At the end of the date, we had a long and tight hug again. We laughed and stopped hugging because his stomach made sound. I wonder for how long we hugged then if his stomach didn't make sound. Anyway, I think the hug was not like what friends do but who knows, my background doesn't have "hug culture", so I won't know. He told me he's going to bring me back something (he was leaving to other country on business trip the next day), that means at least he's planning to meet me again, right?(even though we haven't set a date for it though)

I'm confused because it seems like he has a good time being with me, and seems like he's planning to meet me again, but he doesn't make any physical contact except partying hug. I'm not sure if I should consider out outing as a date or just friendly hang out anymore. Does he see me as a date or did he friend zone me?


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  • the only insight i can offer is...

    when faces are suddenly close due to some consequence... it's a bit weird...

    at least for me.. i instantly think of how all those movie like kisses occur.. "Just like this." i think to myself. i assume she'll realize it's movie like and also think it's kinda corny... the corny part being "it just happens"

    i prefer the first kiss to be me consciously initiating it.


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  • No , he clearly likes you.
    He's just taking things slow.
    There's no expected time you should get your first kiss from him.
    It varies for everyone.


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  • He may be just taking things slow. Are you putting off the vibe that you're into him?


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