Great second date but he didn't kiss me?

I went out with a guy for the second time the other day, we had so much fun, he even text me after I left saying he had a great time and was looking forward to the next one. But he didn't kiss me! He took me to this place with a gorgeous view and everything, super romantic... And nothing! WHY?

He's not shy, btw.


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  • Could just be manners. I think it would be preferable, rather than him groping you right away. Nothing wrong with a relationship that takes longer to develop like that, it'll probably help in the long run anyway.

    Reminds me of a time when I went on a date and the girl said she didn't know if she wanted a second date cause I didn't ask her any questions about her, I didn't think I really needed too, cause we were talking the whole time anyway and I thought things were going well enough that I'd have more chances to do that anyway.


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  • He might just be letting real feelings develop before that kinda intimacy...I mean I know its just kissing, but for him it probably means alot. I'm like that too, I once went about for or 5 dates without kissing my girlfriend because I was waiting for the perfect moment and when it came we couldn't stop kissing, literally


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  • There's no 'right' time for a first kiss from a date. If you want, just kiss him. If you want him to kiss you first then maybe, give him clues that you want to be kissed or just simply say 'kiss me'. Don't worry too much about it. If he likes you he will eventually kiss you I'm sure :)

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