Girlfriend changed phone password?

Yeah, I know what you all are thinking. So here's a little back story. I had a gut feeling that something was up with my girlfriend. I knew her password so I decided to look at her phone. Found out she planned to meet up with some guy. She ended up cancelling our plans to go meet up with this guy but than reinitiated our plans when he cancelled on her. She stated she was going to pick him over me. Whatever. I forgave her for that, but she changed her password. And at first she was really protective over her phone. She wouldn't leave it anywhere, she slept with it in her hands. But now she just uses fingerprints in front of me. I confronted her about her changing her password but she said "Some people at my work found out my password and started taking pictures on my phone.". But that doesn't make sense because you can take pictures on an iphone without unlocking it. And it just so happens that they found out right after that happened? I get it she may want her privacy, but I like my privacy too and it didn't stop me from telling her my password in case of an emergency. Why? Because I have nothing to hide.. I trust my girlfriend but I just find that suspicious like she's trying to hide something from me. Should I be worried about this?
She claimed to have changed it because of coworkers finding out her password and taking pictures. But you can take pictures on an iphone without unlocking the phone. She also only uses fingerprint unlock in front of me.


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  • I say yes, unless you're just a control freak and so she is doing it just to fight you (been there). But in general, if you have nothing to hide... why hide?

    • I only looked through her phone that one time. And she told me she was glad that I did because she would've felt guilty about it.

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    • You're right, thank you so much for your input and constant help. I will try to build up the courage to talk to her about it!

    • Good luck and hope it all works out =)

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  • You are trying to control her. Which is not good. But Also she seems she is hiding something. Which is not good either. Just talk her. Say what you think.

    • I've only looked through her phone one time on a hunch feeling which turned out to be right.

    • Yeah i do agree. If you feel sth going on just ask her directly.

  • Confront her, she's being fishy.

    • Is there anyway that you would suggest going about this?

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    • Ill bet you when you ask for a password to take pictures she'll be all "you don't need it" and you can be all "THEN Y U LIEN"

    • So if she just puts it on picture mode without unlocking what do I do?

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