So I found out my crush has a tinder... Should I message him?

I've been seeing this guy for a month, as friends. It's kinda weird because it's like I know he finds me attractive and is crushing on me... He likes my Facebook stuff (and hardly anybody else's... I checked).. Yet he isn't make a move I'm guessing because I'm attractive and he is inexperienced.

but I'm also really shy and inexperienced and I don't know what to do. I have shown I am interested... I message him first almost always. He sometimes doesn't even respond.

i have had a tinder for a month and have never seen him on it. Then just now I saw him! So I swiped right and now I'm hoping he will too. I'm just wondering if it's possible he got it because he heard I have it from his friends? Because I know I have swiped right before on guys he knows and talks to... So I'm kinda wondering if they talked about me or something. Should I message him hey.. the next time you see me you should swipe right (; or something like that? I just really don't get this guy. It's as if he likes me but doesn't know what to do. And I am so shy and quiet I'm hopeless too.
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Hasnt* not isn't lol
So I found out my crush has a tinder... Should I message him?
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