Is this normal or is my boyfriend acting brand new? PLEASE HELP ME QUICK READ? I don't want to ruin my relationship ?

Me and him been together for 1.5 year. He used to spend ever night at my house wen I lived across the street from him.
I recently moved 30min away and now its 3-4 nights out of 7 nights I would say.
i mean he does work early but I feel I don't see him that often. He works 8-4 and and after work he never comes here if he comes here he comes at 9-10ish. I'm getting sick of it. I just don't want to say anything cus I don't know if I'm being to much ! 3times a month we go out on dates.
Is this a normal 1.5 yr relationship or am I being needy?
how often did u and ur partner see each other wen u guys made 1.5yr?

3-4 times a week
3-4 dates a month
always comes after 9-10ish
and been datin 1.5yr?
  • YES! You guys see each other enough. Stop acting needy!
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  • No he needs to step up and see you a little more!
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FYI- we do text throughout the days we don't see each other


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  • Remember, half hour to your place, and then another half hour back to his place for a total commute time of 1 hour. That is a lot to ask for to see him every night.

  • I say a bit needy. He might want to rest a little before he meets you. He also might be tired from work and call it a night. I do that sometimes.

    Answer mine please?


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