How do I get over my crush who just graduated?

I met my crush through a class where we volunteered together for the whole semester. We spent a lot of time together and got to know each other well.

We went on one date when we'd first met. He was flirty, but ended up saying that it'd be best not to date since we were partners. I took this as him simply not being interested.

Nothing serious ever came from it but, I still developed a huge crush on him. Not only was he attractive, but the way that he thought was attractive too. He's laidback, funny, and kind. I looked forward to seeing him each week and that would be the highlight of my day.

Once the semester was over, I didn't see him as much, but he'd text me every now and then. It was usually to hook up, but occasionally he'd talk to me about some of his insecurities. Once in a while he'd drunk dial me.

Sometimes, I did think he may have liked me back. Our relationship was very flirty, but I'd assumed that was his personality. He would compliment me saying that I was cool and sweet. The few times that we'd hook up, we would give each other massages or cuddle while we slept. During our car rides we were pretty touchy too. We'd also give each other advice about other people we were dating.

I'm having trouble getting over him and he's on my mind constantly. I just want to talk to him. I don't just miss the sex. I miss him. It's hard because I'm not sure if we were close enough for me to just text him even though he's not in town.

Any advice on how to let go of my crush?
How do I get over my crush who just graduated?
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