He hasn't invited me to his house?

I've been dating a guy for over a month and have talked for two. Whenever we see each other, he comes to my house and then we go somewhere or whatever. I've been on six dates w him and still no invitation to his house.
I told him I feel bad because he lives around 25 minutes away, but he says he likes to drive.
He said something the other day along the lines of "If you ever come to my house you could take ____ road..." but hasn't invited me. He's 20 and lives w his parents, and I'm 18 so he's met my mom and sister when he comes over.
How should I bring this up? I know he's not lying about where he lives, and the videos/ pics I've seen of his house aren't dirty or anything so it's kind of strange...
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He gets along w his family usually too, so that's why it's weird as well. He also told me that he told his mom that we're dating. I just don't want to pressure him.
He hasn't invited me to his house?
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