What does a guy mean when he says he's had enough- in a txt msg

Been dating this guy for almost 2 months, everything has been going well. Anyway, my ex boyfriend messaged me last week to ask me out to dinner. He's been in Iraq for 4 months. We broke up 2 years ago. I have no intentions of getting together and I like this guy I have been seeing. However I mentioned this to my bf's little brother on saturday and didn't hear from him that day or on sunday. Then I get a text saying if I'm messing around with my ex they're going to tell my bf. This message was from a payphone. Anyway I tried calling his little brother about it he didn't answer, tried callin my boyfriend he didn't answer either. The my boyfriend messages me back saying some fag has been messaging and saying I'm seeing someone else. I said it wasn't true and he said that's all he wanted to know.

Then he says someone has been messaging him saying they're going to tell me he was trying to hook up on the weekend. I got pissed and said I don't know who is saying all this crap and I'm annoyed. It's lies and like I said if you wanna be with somebody else you can just let me know. I know I shouldn't have said that but I was pissed off! Anyway, he said how could I say that to my boyfriend after saying he means a lot to me. That's when he said he's had enough and bye. I messaged him back saying that I meant if he wasn't happy with me just tell me. I was angry about the stuff someone has been saying. No reply.

Is it over? or is he just pissed? Should I call him or wait for him to call me?
What does a guy mean when he says he's had enough- in a txt msg
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