What has a 70 year old who has never dated in his life despite wanting to done wrong? Why has he never dated?


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  • Because he secluded himself from the world.. Coming out of his house only to tonto the store for food and necessary things... , spoke to no one and came right back home... Becoming a habit, transformed into an anti social hermit.. Then sitting around his home thinking why nobody asked him out at the store if he combed his hair and brushed his teeth... 😬 ...

    Meh! I don't know!! Is that truly possible?
    Anyone who at least tries, will have at the very least 1date, throughout their lifetime. Unless you completely shut down, and only smile or say hi to people when "they" initiate it, and keeping conversations short and simple with anyone who tries to talk to you... And staying home forever... 😐 and coming out only when you "need" food and such... And straight back to your cave... Then wonder why no one wants to be with you... ? When you don't give anyone the chance to even get to know you...

    OOR!! he could be a priest!! ? ? ? ? The kind that are not allowed to have any type of sexual or amorous contact or relationship with anyone other than god and general unconditional love for the people 😐

    • What if he did leave his house. Went to socials, had friends, volunteered, had hobbies. And spoke to a lot of people as much as possible.

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    • Frightening face?

    • haha i mean if you have a face that makes people cry, then i'd assume it's "possible" to reach the age of 70, and have never EVER been on a date at all or any type of connection with the opposite sex...

  • My only guess, without knowing the guy, would have to be that he didn't ask enough people out on dates. If you ask out one person a week for 35 years, that is 1,820 potential dates. I highly doubt ALL of them would have rejected him. Even if only a meager 10% said yes and actually went out with him, that's still a lot of dating and fun memories.


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  • Because he never had the guts to take the chances he had. I can't see any other reason. 70 years is a long time... unless it was his choice.