Why does my boyfriend treat me worse than he treats his friends?

I love my boyfriend but when I am around he treats me horribly. When I distance myself from him he treats me nicer, says that he misses me and is nice to me for a few days until he is tired of me again. I haven't broken up with him yet because he is on depression medication and I'm pretty sure that its the reason he's acting the way he is. I try to help him but he pushes me away and I'm trying to understand him. I don't want to do anything to upset him... but I think I also need to take care of myself. I am at a complete loss when he comes to what he wants.

he does talk to me everyday. He says that I'm the first person he texts and talks to when he wakes up. So I guess he still likes me?


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  • He treats you like that because you allow him. Taking medication is not carte blanche to be an asshole. If he treats you better when you are not there, then how about staying away? Come back once he doesn't need the meds anymore


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  • because he think it's more manly

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