Does it mean anything if a guy introduces you to his friends and roomates?

I went on a second date with a guy where he invited me to go snowboarding with two of his friends. Afterwards he invited me to come party with his roomates and introduced me to all of them. Does it mean anything if a guy introduces you to his friends and roomates or do guys introduce anyone to their friends?


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  • This very likely means one of two things. The first is a good sign, and the second one might not be such a good sign.

    As for the "not such a good sign," there is a chance that he introduced you to his friends because he wants their approval of you as a green light to continue dating you. Typically, guys who are decisive do not desire validation of approval to date a girl--they just decide they want to date the girl and do it. If he feels he needs his friends' approval to date you, then it may be a sign that he is somewhat insecure with his decision-making capabilities.

    However, let's hope it is option two: that he is very proud of dating you and wants to show you off. Maybe he really likes you and wants it to be known that he is dating you. In this case, he has decided on his own that he wants to be with you. Also, deep down inside, he is crazy about you.

    How to tell the difference? Well, if the guy is typically concrete on taking action, making plans, etc., it it more likely to be the "good" option. But if he has a reputation for flaking and overall does not seem too confident, well... you know.

    Believe me, guys will not introduce just any girl to their friends. When a guy does this, it means that at a minimum, he is considering having a serious relationship with the girl.


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