Would girls be more attracted to guys who have trust issues from bad experiences with girls?

In the past I've had my trust broken by many girls, some things I had done were nasty and some not a big deal.

Now when I try to talk to girls, I'm always nervous and on guard because even if they said they like me, I assume they are waiting for me to let my guard down and trick me into thinking they like me but they don't and it's a setup. I've put my heart out and had it crushed over and over.
It's not even dating just friends or girls I liked.

I think this really affects me trying to get a girlfriend as it lowers confidence and puts me on guard with everything girls do interacting with me.
Are there girls out there that would actually find me more desirable dating as I know what it's like to be conned and taken advantage of. I'm bad at approaching girls and if girls knew why they would see why them approaching me is easier for me hoping by now most are genuinely interested in me.



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  • I am not sure a guy with extra baggage is ever a good thing. However, if I see some potential in him and he is willing to move forward with me, I will take it step by step and I will help him to overcome whatever problems that he may be facing.

    • For me this wasn't done by girlfriends, just girls I knew or thought were friends. I'm not sure that counts a baggage, and I thought mature girls would be understanding of my situation.

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    • thanks for the MHO :)

    • Your welcome!

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  • DNA Is pretty much the same for everyone and due to evolution no I don't think any girl is going to find that desirable however I'm sure there are girl would would tolerate it.

    My personal opinion is that your guard shield ur putting up makes you seem more stand off ish than insecure. It seems like you have a negative view of women. Thy taking advantage of a few girls and tricking them way they trick you ( by the way it's usually not a trick it's that they're playing you ) and see how it feels, I'm telling you now it feels damn good. The dif between the trick and the play is that the trick was mean to fool you the play was meant to beat you. You were beaten by these girls plain and simple. They don't have the time to mind fuck you, they genuinely considered dating you but something happened and they went another direction. They kept you on the side as a safety valve or a potential partner. Just cuz they didn't go with you doesn't mean you suck it just means the picked a better guy. Probably a guy who is doing the same thing they did to you to them ( if that makes sense ) You probably are saying well how the fuck do I start playing girls myself.

    Take 3 months and only work on positive things for yourself. Put girls on the back burner. Don't look don't talk just avoid and don't think about them or how your not getting laid. Think about all the pussy ur gunna slay when you come out of your confidence coma. Once you emerge as a brand new person your gunna have all sorts of new confidence.

    You might be able to achieve this In a couple weeks or less if you have a good base but I took a solid 6 months seriously. Don't blow your confidence load on the first chick you talk to. If she turns you down fuck it there's another. Talk to every girl u possibly can but wait why are you not asking them out? Because your not ready yet. Unfortunately ur gunna collapse of you ask a bunch of girls out and get shut down. Your gunna be anxious. Just wait and practice the little things to continue growing your confidence. I'm not kidding a platonic conversation with a hot girl is soooo good for your confidence. Your gonna walk away without asking her out and say to yourself no I didn't fail to ask her out, I succeeded in making myself mysterious attractive and confident to her. The reason you can do this is that you tell yourself Im not going to ask her out thus why should you be nervous just talking to her.

    With online dating just try to avoid any "get to know you talk"

    • I don't understand what you wrote about the trick and the play? Why pretend to like me when they didn't, or is it they were testing me? If so, what did I do to fail? I never had a male figure guide me to know when a girl likes me.
      I had a rape kind of attack on me by two girls it happened in high school and classmates witnessed it and did nothing. I didn't press charges because at the time rumors spread I was gay and I felt if I said I didn't like it people would think I was gay. I did have classes changed not to be near these girls and nothing happened again. But I went through school never able to date and I'm trying to fix that now years later but it has been hard

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    • if someones being negative and you walk away that positive. you have to just keep trying. if you fail or give up thats negative

    • I'll keep walking away from the negative, with the goal of finding the positive. 🙂

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  • I would be, I think we all be there too...

    • The reason I ask why girls might be drawn more to guys like that. Usually girls more often get "played" or "used" by guys. But when the tables have been turned on a guy by a girl it changes how they perceive women and even an outlook on respect. I am more inclined to treat a woman better seeing the flip side of the wrong way being treated and I did not like it! Nobody should go through that but I know many do. The question is how to let a girl know, it's not like every girl I run into knows I had that happen.

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