I've cancelled my second date and immediately regret it?

I went on a date with a lady two weeks ago and it went perfect, I know I definitely like her. We was meant to have a date this Saturday but I've gone and cancelled it, I told her it was a bad idea. Please don't tell me I'm an idiot because I am aware of it.
I was really hungover yesterday and she's been off with me recently and I was feeling crap yesterday so it just seemed like a good idea to cancel it. I know she's pissed with me and I honestly don't blame her, I'm pissed off with myself too.
Also i'm scared of getting hurt again but I realise I can't live in the past, she could be something positive to happen to me.
With it being valentines on Sunday I was going to buy her a rose on Saturday and kiss her. Obviously I am probably the last person she wants to see right now.
I am thinking of somehow finding her on Saturday and then kiss her and tell her how much I actually like her. I just don't know if it's a good idea?
I've really messed up and I want to make it up to her :(
Please can you tell me whether it is or not?

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  • there is no need to cutting yourself up over cancelling a date with someone you hardly know.

    The is no need to be getting to excited about her, and start thinking is the best thing for you, cause at this stage you hardly know her. The best thing to do when starting a relationship with someone, so don't hurt, is don't put so much of yourself on the line, that you invest and you can afford to lose. Basically don't put so much out there, then you end emotionally bankrupt at the end of it,

    take each new relationship one step at a time. So cancelled your second date, because if weren't feeling well, and you are scared of getting hurt again, Well just phone your date, and tell her the truth, and is possible to try again. But don't lie why you cancelled, cause she won't be able to trust you later on down the line. If you want to people know as person, and understand deal with the truth.
    If she is a good person, and understanding towards your position, she wiill give you another chance, if she doesn't, she wasn't worth it from the beginning. Move on.

    • You got hurt last time, is because your letting your emotions govern you, instead of using your head. Don't your emotions control you, in the dating world, that is dangerous thing to do. use your head when it comes to dealing with people, not your emotions.

      Never rush things in the dating world, that is a cocktail for disaster.

  • why don't you just tell her what you said about being hungover and shit and say you want to make it up to her? and then tell her you have a surprise for her on valentines day?


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