I've cancelled my second date and immediately regret it?

I went on a date with a lady two weeks ago and it went perfect, I know I definitely like her. We was meant to have a date this Saturday but I've gone and cancelled it, I told her it was a bad idea. Please don't tell me I'm an idiot because I am aware of it.
I was really hungover yesterday and she's been off with me recently and I was feeling crap yesterday so it just seemed like a good idea to cancel it. I know she's pissed with me and I honestly don't blame her, I'm pissed off with myself too.
Also i'm scared of getting hurt again but I realise I can't live in the past, she could be something positive to happen to me.
With it being valentines on Sunday I was going to buy her a rose on Saturday and kiss her. Obviously I am probably the last person she wants to see right now.
I am thinking of somehow finding her on Saturday and then kiss her and tell her how much I actually like her. I just don't know if it's a good idea?
I've really messed up and I want to make it up to her :(
Please can you tell me whether it is or not?

Yes, do it.
No, don't do it.
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I've cancelled my second date and immediately regret it?
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